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Cognitive Security vs. Cyber Security

December 21, 2022Joe Stradinger

When most people think of Cyber Attacks they relate this to the hacking of systems, phishing, ransomware, etc. We all know that Cybersecurity is a critical industry that will only continue to grow.

Yet there is an evolving industry around the Cognitive space that is ignored by most. The Cognitive Security of an organization is equally important as Cyber Security.  

What's Cognitive Security?

Every day on websites, social media, blogs, and other online channels, countless conversations take shape, spread, and exert influence over everything from business and politics to science to culture. These conversations become stories — “narratives” — that carry with them meaning, purpose, themes, and goals. True, false, or somewhere in between, narratives can win or lose business, elections, and wars.

Just as countries focus on cyber attacks by adversaries, they must also focus on cognitive attacks by adversaries.  This is a huge part of election security where adversaries manufacture and amplify online content from both sides of an issue to divide Americans at the polls.  It is the hacking of the minds as opposed to machines. These attacks happen every second of the day online and influence millions of people through social media, messaging apps, etc. This is a huge new battle-space that must be understood.

Businesses also need to be focused on understanding the cognitive space. A false online narrative can tank a stock in seconds. The cognitive health of a business is equally important to the financial and cyber health of a business.

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