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Your Most Valuable Asset,
or Your Biggest Liability


Your Most Valuable Asset,
or Your Biggest Liability

Narrative Manipulation

Narrative manipulation is a potent weapon used by adversaries around the world to fan the flames of social unrest, influence political processes, and destabilize governments and economies. Every day their methods get more sophisticated, and the stakes just keep getting higher.

Understanding their strategies, cadences, and coordinated efforts, the narratives they choose to amplify, and how they insert themselves into online communities, is a critical mission for security.

Unparalleled Insight

Kudzu gives analysts unparalleled insight into the ways adversaries design and deploy malign influence campaigns, from major themes down to trends in individual words and phrases.

With the ability to monitor large numbers of actors on a wide range of platforms, Kudzu can not only confirm suspected amplification networks, but reveal connections you never knew existed. Extensive data export capabilities make it easy to integrate these insights into your products.

Understand the Conversation

Media Monitoring

Targeted monitoring and consumption of publicly-available information (PAI) at scale. Monitor and analyze specific sources without introducing bias or excessive noise into analysis.

Narrative Analysis

Keyword trend surfacing and co-amplification detection in ways that help analysts discover thematic strategies and coordination efforts.

Platform Agnostic

Content- and platform-agnostic, consuming narrative data and amplification behavior from virtually any publicly-accessible web site, news source, and online media.

See Things Your Adversaries Can’t

Kudzu features coincident amplification detection, revealing which sources are amplifying the same narratives. Analysts can use this feature to confirm or dispel suspicions of coordinated activity, and to identify previously unsuspected amplification networks. Kudzu’s amplification detection operates across several time-slices, from 24 hours to 30 days. Timelines show the temporal distribution of amplification events.

Separate Signal from Noise

Kudzu charts phrase usage in time slices from one day to month, showing the most frequently-used terms for individual sources, groups of sources, and an entire population of sources. It also captures usage spikes and dips of keywords from day to day, indicating “kindling” that may be poised to catch fire tomorrow. Detailed visualizations of phrase usage lets analysts see how combinations of phrases trend in comparison with each other. Visualizations can be exported as CSV, PDF, and in various image formats.

Monitor Amplification Networks

Kudzu features amplification network monitoring, which lets analysts create networks, add sources to them, and monitor their amplification activity. The system displays details of amplification activity inside networks, and common narrative amplifications across networks.
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Understand the Narrative