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Internship Opportunities

Our internship program provides students real-world experience applying the technology and techniques of narrative analytics — a mix of human intelligence and artificial intelligence — to their respective field of study, and provides them with a substantive portfolio of their work, in order to increase their value to prospective employers. 

Internship Structure

EdgeTheory Lab is structured around 3 main divisions: Software and Data, Product Development, and Digital Communications.

Software and Data


Data Management

Data Processing

Data Visualization


System Analysis

Data Analysis


Tech Team Lead

Strategy Team


Analysis consulting based on the EdgeTheory Platform

Product Development


Designing Modules

Building Briefs

Planning Projects


Emerging Narratives

Narratives of Interest and Importance


Project Team Lead

Strategy Team


Stand alone projects using EdgeTheory API

Digital Communication


Content creation for blogs, online media, websites

Podcast & Video Production

Visual Design & User Experience Projects


User Behavior & Analytics

Platform Curation


News Desk Editor

Blog & Article Editor

Strategy Team


Marketing & Brand management

New business based on the EdgeTheory platform

HQ - University of Mississippi

  • Created with the backing and collaboration from the Chancellor and strategic university administrators
  • Configured to maximize interactions within and across interdisciplinary teams
  • Built upon expanding partnerships across all schools & departments
  • Growing partnerships with satellite colleges & universities
  • Committed to the future vision of a National Center for Narrative Intelligence

Student Representation

Internship Details

Interns are trained on the use of EdgeTheory’s Narrative Analytics systems and the research methods that support their deployment for government and private-sector customers. All interns will learn how narrative analytics can be used by the industries in their chosen field of study, and be challenged to identify new ways these systems can benefit them.

Interns help maintain and improve EdgeTheory’s narrative analytics systems in a number of ways, such as researching sources and adding them to the systems, and using them to build AI-generated narrative intelligence briefs.

All interns learn about artificial intelligence and how it’s applied to the art and science of narrative analysis. Some interns will help train our AI models so they get better and more accurate. Interns majoring in computer engineering, mathematics, and related fields will get to roll up their sleeves and learn about the inner workings of our AI systems, and get the chance to work on our databases, servers, and cloud infrastructure.
Interns majoring in writing or marketing majors have the opportunity to publish posts researched with EdgeTheory's narrative analytics systems to illustrate trends and patterns across a wide range of topics, from international conflict to healthcare to politics and more. Interns interested in writing will review previous work and receive training on how to produce their own. These are great resume enhancers.

EdgeTheory staff hold regular meetings with interns during which they explain assignments, provide any necessary supplemental training required to complete assigned tasks, answer any questions interns might have, and discuss ideas for future projects. Company staff are also available for one-on-one meetings.

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