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Understand the Narrative

Discover how narratives start, how they spread, and how they're used to achieve economic, social, and political goals. 

Narratives are either your greatest asset or liability. Know what's being said and shared. Our keyword trend analysis gives you clear insights and helps you identify the spikes and dips in keyword usage that can change opinion, shape policy, and move markets.
Narrative spread analysis reveals how narratives grow and are distributed over time and by volume. Detailed visualizations of phrase usage let analysts see how combinations of phrases trend in comparison with each other. Visualizations can be exported as CSV, PDF, and in various image formats.
Uncover the trajectory of a narrative: where it started, who's amplifying it, and how often. Our platform’s amplification detection operates across several time-slices, from 24 hours to 30 days to monitor if a narrative has grown or changed over time. 
network amplification
With network monitoring you have the power to construct groups of influencers or competitors. Understand who they are, what they're talking about, and which narratives they're amplifying. Get discernible data and the foresight to join, own, or counter conversations in real-time.

Kudzu Capabilities

Theme Clustering

Trending narrative themes are detected and visualized in ways that enable analysts to see how narratives are shifting and evolving over time.

Network Monitoring

Provides the ability to select a group of sources and monitor their narrative behavior over time, seeing intra- as well as inter-network behavior.

Keyword Extraction

Keyword trend surfacing and co-amplification detection in ways that help analysts discover thematic strategies and coordination efforts.

Amplification Detection

Detect whenever different sources amplify the same narrative, and brings it to your attention.

AI Recaps

Entire articles summarized into brief recaps allow analysts to assess the general meaning of an article in seconds.


Sources organized into modules based on type, geography, allegiance, or as requested. Pre-built modules also available for use.

Source Tagging

Flexible & powerful tagging system provides extreme organizational flexibility.

Data Export

Text, images, charts, and other data can be exported in multiple formats for use in other tools, products, and systems.
Signal Over Noise
Monitor and analyze only relevant and vetted sources. Analysts are able to focus on publishers, experts, and other influencers who are key creators and shapers of AOR narratives.
○ Platform Agnostic
Not limited to specific platforms or channels. Consume and analyze any kind of narrative data.
○ Time Savings
Our users report time savings of 24X compared to other OSINT tools.
○ Interoperable
Designed with interoperability in mind, Kudzu provides extensive data export capabilities for use in other systems and tools.
○ Unbiased
Uses no algorithms to weight its results or create artificial emphasis.

Narrative Manipulation

Narrative manipulation is a potent weapon used by adversaries around the world. See how Kudzu gives analysts unparalleled insight into malign influence campaigns.
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Kudzu In Action

U.S. Media

Our U.S. Media module contains U.S. media sources, grouped by political bias and reliability of reporting according to 3rd party news-source ratings sites.

Media Monitoring

Analyze thousands of pieces of content from media outlets, blogs, and business editorials in order to provide analytical insights on key trends and narrative frameworks with Kudzu Media Modules.

How Kudzu Is being used

What's one of the most important assets for any organization or investor? Understanding the narrative intelligence around their industry or portfolio companies. The amplification of the wrong narrative can destroy a business or balance sheet. Kudzu not only detects and monitors the entities involved, it also equips our customers with targeted messaging at scale to harness the power of positive narratives or counter disinformation-filled narratives.
Every day our platform tracks thousands of entities, consuming tens of thousands of news stories, online videos, images, and other online digital media. We analyze this content from their high-level shape and form to their core components like keywords and hashtags. Kudzu also detects viral narratives and identifies the entities driving them. We help agencies, campaigns, and media organizations engage with and share positive narratives while staying one step ahead of disinformation campaigns designed to damage reputations, businesses, and careers.
Kudzu helps local, state, and federal agencies understand narrative trends that shape public perception. This intelligence can be used to inform policies or combat misinformation campaigns. Kudzu's Narrative Intelligence reveals amplification patterns and networks, keyword trends and volume, and more complex metrics like trend velocity, which helps you identify emerging trends and threats earlier than ever.
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Understand the Narrative