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Kudzu analyzes millions of pieces of content from hundreds of thousands of entities and atomizes the data into Conversation Trends and Narrative Intelligence.

Kudzu provides clear insights into the volume, amplification, and top trends that enable organizations, agencies, and investors to better understand the public perceptions of a brand, industry, or investment. Narrative Intelligence analyzes text, video, photographs, and social media feeds to detect viral narratives, identify which entities are proliferating the narrative, and contextualize the conversations.
Conversation Trends reveals patterns, volume, and velocity around narrative components, and helps you synthesize actionable intelligence for your company or agency. Easily identify the spikes and dips in keyword usage that can move public opinion and shape markets and policy.
Kudzu utilizes sophisticated data analysis algorithms to extract narrative intelligence and conversation trends from traditional news organizations, current and emerging social media platforms, video publishing platforms and other digital sources. Detect and visualize narrative amplification patterns and behavior among entities of all types. Kudzu acts as a force multiplier for analysts, who can see connections and patterns earlier, on larger scales, and on deeper levels than they could previously.
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How Kudzu Is being used

What's one of the most important assets for any organization or investor? Understanding the narrative intelligence around their industry or portfolio companies. The amplification of the wrong narrative can destroy a business or balance sheet. Kudzu not only detects and monitors the entities involved, it also equips our customers with targeted messaging at scale to harness the power of positive narratives or counter disinformation-filled narratives.
Every day our platform tracks thousands of entities, consuming tens of thousands of news stories, online videos, images, and social media posts. We analyze this content from their high-level shape and form to their core components like keywords and hashtags. Kudzu also detects viral narratives and identifies the entities driving them. We help agencies, campaigns, and media organizations engage with and share positive narratives while staying one step ahead of disinformation campaigns designed to damage reputations, businesses, and careers.
Kudzu helps local, state, and federal agencies understand narrative trends that shape public perception. This intelligence can be used to inform policies or combat misinformation campaigns. Kudzu's Narrative Intelligence reveals amplification patterns and networks, keyword trends and volume, and more complex metrics like trend velocity, which helps you identify emerging trends and threats earlier than ever.

The data-driven approach to conversation

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