Conversation Intelligence

Conversation Intelligence is the ability to identify and react to signals in all forms of communication. Our proprietary AI detects patterns and amplifications of isolated and coordinated conversations online.

Kudzu provides context around what's being said, allowing government agencies, analysts, and VCs to capitalize on opportunities, identify vulnerabilities, and own the conversation before it owns them.

Conversation Trends

Instantly uncover, understand and visualize important conversations around industry, topics and your competitors. Disinformation can make it almost impossible to see the full picture. Conversation Trends enables you to find actionable intelligence, patterns, content and connections for any topic, no matter the volume of results.

Narrative Intelligence

Disarm the disinformation. See the trends that matter by time, volume, and velocity. Get a critical head start with easy to understand narrative intelligence that quickly reveals disinformation campaigns and global threats surfaced from millions of archived and real-time conversations.

Atomic Content

Every hour, we curate millions of pieces of content that are easily targeted within an industry or professional ecosystem to expand influence and  increase engagement .

Misinformation and Disinformation are not going away.
How can truth survive?

The results of both political and financial disinformation can be devastating: Personal integrity is cast into doubt. Stock prices fall. Political and corporate reputations are damaged, sometimes beyond repair.

EdgeTheory helps government agencies and corporations combat misinformation as well as disinformation campaigns. Our platform can not only detect and monitor the entities involved, but it enables our users to counter disinformation-filled narratives through the use of targeted messaging at scale.

Every day our platform tracks thousands of entities, consuming tens of thousands of news stories, online videos, images and social media posts. EdgeTheory’s platform analyzes disinformation campaigns from their high-level shape and form to their core components like keywords and hashtags. We use these components to detect connections between entities and reveal coordinated amplification networks beyond the capabilities of manual detection processes.

Through understanding the sources targeting your government or company, along with the sources aiding and amplifying this disinformation, you can evaluate the nature, scope, and direction of the attack. In turn, you can also identify your strengths and vulnerabilities in responding to these threats.


The data-driven approach to conversation

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