We Believe

The internet caused the revolutionary democratization of conversation.

The rise of online media created a radical amplification of narratives.

Narratives are either an organization's largest asset or greatest liability. They win (or lose) business, elections, and wars.

Why We're Here

Today a new battlefield exists where new conflicts arise hourly. No matter what your business is, you ignore narratives at your own peril. Good data from narrative intelligence gives people and organizations the tactical edge to make informed real-time decisions that matter.

Almost a decade ago, we recognized that the world was becoming more "social", yet very few products addressed the power of listening to, understanding, communicating, and analyzing the narratives that were happening online. Organizations had to rely on sentiment analysis. The problem with most sentiment analysis platforms is that the intelligence is either stale or biased.

What We've Created

Successful conversations involve listening, understanding, and communicating. Understanding the power of conversations and analyzing how narratives spread is now more critical than ever.


Our framework monitors and consumes sources and narratives at scale


Artificial intelligence and algorithmic analysis that uncovers trends, themes, keywords, and amplifications


Strategic messaging at scale based on context and insights gleaned from analytics


Deep narrative analysis and insight into the effectiveness of deployed campaigns
EdgeTheory analyzes narratives from a high level down to core components like keywords and hashtags. With this narrative intelligence we empower organizations from federal and local government entities to financial analysts and VCs to media and PR agencies with the foresight they need to identify their strengths, mitigate risk, and make confident decisions.

Board of Directors

Joe Stradinger

Chairman, Founder, CEO

Jim Barksdale

Netscape, ATT Wireless, FedEx

Carlos Ramon

Peoplesoft, Akamai, Compas

Mike Stradinger

Infochip, Holland1916

Don Cannada

Barksdale Management

Leadership Team

Joe Stradinger

Founder, CEO

Greg Griffith

Co-Founder, CPO

Warren Husband


Paul Wingate

Enterprise Business

Andrew Brewer


LeAnne Gault


Gregg Newby

Intelligence Expert

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