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About EdgeTheory

EdgeTheory is an AI-Powered Narrative Intelligence company. Our technology allows customers to understand and participate in the narratives that shape their world.

About EdgeTheory

EdgeTheory is an AI-powered narrative intelligence company that helps its customers understand and participate in the narratives that shape their worlds. Narratives have the power to win or lose wars, elections, and affect global business. They also have the power to improve the lives of millions, by strengthening people’s understanding of accurate information on everything from business to healthcare to election integrity.
Narrative Intelligence Message
Understanding how narratives in the online age emerge, evolve, and affect the world is a mission-critical task. From malign-influence campaigns directed at the U.S. and its allies, to viral trends that disrupt economies and political structures, insight into narrative dynamics is a foundational component of cognitive security for individuals, institutions, businesses, and governments.

Our Technology

EdgeTheory’s technology continuously consume large amounts of data produced by news outlets, government agencies and officials, corporations, journalists, propaganda networks, and influencers in politics, business, culture, and more.

In a process we call "atomization," this data is then disassembled and analyzed by artificial-intelligence, machine-learning, and natural-language processors that detect keyword usage, amplification behavior and alignment, thematic emphasis, and narrative evolution over time. It's then reassembled into enhanced datasets that are made available to our customers through three different delivery modes: A console for trained analysts; dynamically updated narrative briefs; and an application programming interface (API) for use by third-party developers. The technology introduces no bias regarding sources, narrative topics, social/cultural trends, or other factors that often cloud results obtained from other resources such as search engines and other online media. It focuses entirely on the content and activity of the sources publishing, amplifying, and manipulating narrative content.


Our framework monitors and consumes sources and narratives at scale


Artificial intelligence and algorithmic analysis that uncovers trends, themes, keywords, and amplifications


Strategic messaging at scale based on context and insights gleaned from analytics


Deep narrative analysis and insight into the effectiveness of deployed campaigns

Products And Use Cases

EdgeTheory customers have included global leaders in national security, information technology, transnational banking, healthcare, and many other areas. EdgeTheory's products are thus well-positioned as best-of-class solutions for analysts and other stakeholders in business intelligence, risk analytics, open-source services, and media monitoring.

EdgeTheory’s tools help its customers see patterns and trends among the people and organizations that create and amplify narratives, revealing how and when they spread, and the nature and scope of their impact. With the insight drawn from this intelligence, EdgeTheory’s customers are better prepared to make strategic assessments of narrative dynamics, to participate in them if they choose, and to measure their success.

EdgeTheory’s narrative analytics products are delivered in three modes:

  1. Narrative Briefs are dynamic, continually updated documents designed to be compact, portable, and shareable by people who aren’t trained analysts, but need to consume the kinds of reports and products analysts produce.
  2. The Console is a robust analytics tool designed for professional analysts, and allows for deep research and analysis of narratives, sources, keywords, and other metrics.
  3. Our API provides third-party developers access to narrative source and analytics data.
Successful narrative analysis involve listening, understanding, communicating, and analyzing. Knowing the power of narratives and how they spread is now more critical than ever.

Board of Directors

Joe Stradinger
Chairman, Founder, CEO
Jim Barksdale
Netscape, ATT Wireless, FedEx
Carlos Ramon
Peoplesoft, Akamai, Compas
Mike Stradinger
Infochip, Holland1916
Don Cannada
Barksdale Management

Strategic Advisers

William P. Crowell
Mr. Crowell is currently a venture capitalist and has served in senior executive positions for a number of successful technology companies, mainly in the information security industry. He also served as Deputy Director of the NSA and as Chairman of the Director of National Intelligence Senior Advisory Group.
Chip Wasson
Chip Wasson is a strategic advisor on corporate finance, strategy and M&A advisory for the aerospace, defense, national security and energy markets. Chip’s background includes roles in investment banking, as well as CFO, Corporate Strategy and Development, M&A within companies ranging from early stage, startup companies to large publicly traded defense and aerospace companies.
Doowan Lee
Doowan Lee is a national security expert and a repeat tech founder who has developed and executed large-scale C4ISR and AI projects with both government programs and tech companies. Lee has extensively published in leading journals and magazines on how to mitigate and prevent the harms of malign information in content supply chains. Serving as a advisor and board member for several natonal instututions, his work centers on how to enable and empower decision advantage in the information environment.

Leadership Team

Joe Stradinger

Founder, CEO

Greg Griffith

Co-Founder, CPO

Warren Husband


Nate Flake

Director of Programs

Paul Wingate

SVP Enterprise

Andrew Brewer

SVP Operations

Evan Robert

Content Specialist

Gregg Newby

Intelligence Expert

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