About EdgeTheory

EdgeTheory is an AI-Powered Narrative Intelligence company. Our technology allows customers to understand and participate in the narratives that shape their world.

Why We're Here

Every day on websites, social media, blogs, and other online channels, countless conversations take shape, spread, and exert influence over everything from business and politics to science to culture. 

These conversations become stories — “narratives” — that carry with them meaning, purpose, themes, and goals. True, false, or somewhere in between, narratives can win or lose business, elections, and wars.

What We've Created

EdgeTheory’s AI-powered technology allows its customers to analyze the ways conversations become narratives, how those narratives grow, and how they shape their world. These tools empower users to see patterns and trends among the people and organizations that drive these narratives, revealing the ways they originate, who is amplifying them, how they get distorted and repurposed, and their potential impact on everything from businesses to social issues to governments. 

With the insight drawn from this intelligence, users of EdgeTheory’s technology are better able to design and deploy messaging campaigns to participate in those narratives, and to measure their success.


Our framework monitors and consumes sources and narratives at scale


Artificial intelligence and algorithmic analysis that uncovers trends, themes, keywords, and amplifications


Strategic messaging at scale based on context and insights gleaned from analytics


Deep narrative analysis and insight into the effectiveness of deployed campaigns
Successful narrative analysis involve listening, understanding, communicating, and analyzing. Knowing the power of narratives and how they spread is now more critical than ever.

Board of Directors

Joe Stradinger
Chairman, Founder, CEO
Jim Barksdale
Netscape, ATT Wireless, FedEx
Carlos Ramon
Peoplesoft, Akamai, Compas
Mike Stradinger
Infochip, Holland1916
Don Cannada
Barksdale Management

Strategic Advisers

William P. Crowell
Mr. Crowell is currently a venture capitalist and has served in senior executive positions for a number of successful technology companies, mainly in the information security industry. He also served as Deputy Director of the NSA and as Chairman of the Director of National Intelligence Senior Advisory Group.
Tripp McCullar
Tripp is a national security and government relations leader with experience throughout the Middle East, Asia and Europe. He previously served 20+ years as an Army Green Beret, US Embassy Attaché, and Director at the White House National Security Council (NSC)

Leadership Team

Joe Stradinger

Founder, CEO

Greg Griffith

Co-Founder, CPO

Warren Husband


Isaiah Williams

AI Specialist

Paul Wingate

Enterprise Business

Andrew Brewer


LeAnne Gault


Gregg Newby

Intelligence Expert

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