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What EdgeTheory Tackles

In today's rapidly-evolving information environment, the exponential growth of online content has put individuals, organizations, and governments at a worsening disadvantage to consume, comprehend, and engage the narratives that shape their world.

With the proliferation of generative AI, it’s becoming harder for them to be able to make impactful decisions in the information environment.
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The EdgeTheory platform is an AI-native, platform-agnostic narrative analytics solution. It ingests and analyzes content data to surface thematic patterns, discern behavioral trends among publishers and influencers, and offer decisive insights at a scale and speed that help human analysts do their jobs better and faster.

Accelerate & Optimize Decision-Making

▸ See when a friendly or adversarial narrative is spiking and decide how to leverage or counter it
▸ Decide which domains and platforms to engage when by seeing their patterns of life
▸ Identify when multiple narratives are competing in the same space and decide which one to support and amplify
▸ See when the topic space is uncluttered and decide when to push friendly messages

Use Cases

Early Warnings in the IE

Detailed narrative analytics from the sources and feeds before they propagate on downstream platforms. 

Source Attribution

Gain the provenance and context of emerging IO to enable agile decision-making on how to prebunk, counter, or facilitate strategic narratives, both adversarial and friendly.


Custom tracking and monitoring dashboards to enable decisions on how to adapt and optimize information operations in real time.
Narrative Intelligence Message

Aligned Messaging

AI-generated messages that can be used to better understand the viewpoints and motivations of any stakeholder in the narrative environment. For those operating under appropriate authorities, the messages can be deployed directly or through the platform of your choice.
Online conversations have far-reaching implications on public safety and national security. These conversations make up stories - "narratives" - that carry with them meaning, purpose, themes, and goals.

Features & EdgeTheory Advantage

Automated IO Discovery

EdgeTheory ingests, enriches, and classifies friendly and adversarial narratives from the earliest position origins.

AI-Powered Briefs

Real-time and ever-adaptive intelligence briefs on topics, themes, regions, or issues customers need. It is their common operational picture that updates with our AI models.

IO Topography

Map the publication, shares, and co-amplifications across regions and languages to visualize how narrative diffuse over time and enable intervention decisions.

IO Impact Assessment

EdgeTheory provides the speed, volume, and reach of IO of interest in real time for our customers to monitor the impact of both friendly and adversarial narratives. They can also see which themes or topics are being contested.

Friend and Foe Identification

Using proprietary NLP models and classifiers trained on our own massive content data, EdgeTheory enables customers to identify whether narratives are friendly or adversarial and decide how to leverage them.


“I can make faster and more derisked decisions how to counter malign narratives and promote friendly narratives using EdgeTheory’s measure of effect solutions. It saves me hundred of man hours and immeasurable amounts of resources.”
- US Cyber Command Analyst
“I’m so impressed with EdgeTheory’s implementation team. I get exactly what I need to understand both adversarial and friendly actors and stories. I can make timely and early decisions to ensure no harm infects our information environment.”
- US Embassy Security Coordinator
“EdgeTheory thrives to remove the critical pain points in my work. And they know exactly how to innovate their products to sense the adversarial information environment and its foreign malign influence in it and to assess successful efforts to counter their influence accelerate IO.”
- Senior Leader CNMF
“EdgeTheory gives us the decision advantage to outcompete against adversarial IO and keep the homeland unmolested by hostile actors in the information environment.”
- Army Cyber Project Lead

AI-Powered Narrative Intelligence

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