Our technology combines human and artificial intelligence so organizations can understand and participate in the conversations that shape their world.

99% of the battle is understanding the conversation

The conversation is either your greatest asset or liability. 
It wins business, elections, and wars.

Understanding how narratives proliferate is now more critical than ever.

EdgeTheory Pioneered Conversation Science

Conversation Science

[kon-ver-sey-shun sahy-uh ns]
The study of how narratives start, grow, and spread in social groups with a focus on specific topics that are relevant to key audiences. Successful conversations involve listening, participating, and engaging.
Conversation Science

Our products are powered by conversation and content A.I.

Understand The Conversation

Conversation Trends

Detect patterns and predict trends to see alignments and connections between narratives in real time.

Narrative Intelligence

Uncover important narratives surfaced from millions of archived & real-time conversations.
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Participate In The Conversation

Atomic Content

Millions of pieces of content to easily target industries or ecosystems to expand influence and engagement.

Suggested Messaging

Soundboard reads the article for you and provides suggested messages with high performing hashtags.
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Narrative Manipulation

Narrative manipulation is a potent weapon used by adversaries around the world. See how Kudzu gives analysts unparalleled insight into malign influence campaigns.
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Kudzu Narrative Briefs

Get daily analytical insight into the key trends and narrative themes of U.S. Congress members and major U.S. media outlets, editors, and reporters... for FREE!

The data-driven approach to conversation

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