We live in a noisy world and organizations struggle to get heard.

The only way to be heard over the racket is to create more and more shareable content.


But most businesses don’t have the time or resources to curate and create enough content every day.


With personalization at scale, the number of different ways to address customers increases exponentially. This creates a need to design and create a lot more content.
— McKinsey & Company 


Content is the fuel for today's digital conversation.


What is Atomic Content?

Remember the Periodic Table from science class? Just like hydrogen and carbon, content is an essential element made up of dynamic atoms. With Atomic content we can: (1) Build new content elements from dynamic atoms (fusion) and (2) Break up existing content elements into dynamic atoms creating more content (fission). EdgeTheory is the leader in creating Atomic Content. Our flagship product, Soundboard, provides trusted content combined with dynamic "atoms" of smart things to say with relevant hashtags that are easily shared on social and messaging platforms. EdgeTheory Soundboard harnesses the power of Atomic Content to help 1000s of businesses get discovered every day. 



The mapping, sourcing, analyzing and curation of content at scale that reveals the insights and understanding of conversation. Intersections connecting what you sell with the interests/needs of your target audience.



Our custom system identifies everything in your digital world: hashtags, key influencers, intersecting verticals, then designs content to maximize your presence, including curated 3rd party content, your original content, and creation of new content.



Atomizing - Fission and Fusion of content; splitting apart and combing of dynamic elements to form more content.



User dashboard provides trusted content, smart things to say and easy ways to share on any social platform, text or email. You choose the platforms for you to share, your team shares, or we share for you.


Introducing Soundboard: Powered by the EdgeTheory Atomic Content Platform. 

Our flagship product, Soundboard, creates content that fuels the discovery of over 10,000 businesses every day. 


What is Soundboard.

Soundboard cuts through the digital noise to deliver the most trusted content for you and your team to share on social media platforms, via email, and via text.




Using a unique mix of humans and machines, we scour thousands of sources every day for great content your audience will love



Don't always know what to say? Soundboard gives you suggested messages to choose from, complete with high-performing hashtags



It takes only a few seconds to share with your audience on social media, or one-to-one in an email or text.



Who needs Soundboard?

Everyone needs more content but it can be expensive and requires more time than most people have. Soundboard sources, curates and creates content by a factor of 100x.  Whether you're managing a few corporate handles or want your sales team to be more visible, Soundboard creates all the content you need to get discovered.

How Does Soundboard Work? 


daily content from trusted sources.



relevant content that connects with prospects and customers.



smart things to say: A library of suggested messages for each article.



on all social media and messaging platforms and get discovered.



There is no avoiding the facts that social media is a key ingredient to influencing decision making.

77% more likely to buy

Consumers are more likely to buy a new product when learning about it from friends or family.

80% decision-makers prefer content vs. Ads

80% of business decision-makers prefer to get company information from a series of articles versus an advertisement. 



You may be an independent business professional, but you're not alone. Soundboard curates and creates the content you need to get discovered on social media, LinkedIn, and other platforms. We'll deliver relevant content from trusted sources with the smart things to say that will attract more customers and grow your downline or network. 


From busy corporate social media manager to running a successful sales team Soundboard provides you with trusted content and smart things to say that get your company or product discovered. Your corporate social media handles will shine. Your sales team will the be the informed sales leaders your customer is seeking. Winning!


The collaboration Match and EdgeTheory has had on content creation and channel management has helped bring our messaging to a broader, more engaged audience... It’s a great partnership.
— Alexis Luerssen, VP, Brand Marketing and Communications,

You're in good company.

Over 10,000 businesses use our platform every day to be discovered.