Our technology combines human and artificial intelligence so organizations can understand and participate in the narratives that shape their world.

99% of the battle is understanding the narrative

Narratives are either your greatest asset or liability. 
They win business, elections, and wars.

Narrative Intelligence is mission critical.

EdgeTheory Capabilities

EdgeTheory analyzes narratives from a high level down to core components like keywords and hashtags. With this narrative intelligence we empower organizations from federal and local government entities to financial analysts and VCs to media and PR agencies with the foresight they need to identify their strengths, mitigate risk, communicate effectively, and make confident decisions.


Our framework monitors and consumes sources and narratives at scale


Artificial intelligence and algorithmic analysis that uncovers trends, themes, keywords, and amplifications


Strategic messaging at scale based on context and insights gleaned from analytics


Deep narrative analysis along with insight into the effectiveness of deployed campaigns

Our products are powered by human and artificial intelligence

Understand The Narrative

Stay Ahead the Narrative

Identify the spikes and dips in narratives that can change opinion, shape policy, and move markets.

Visualize Narrative Evolution

Narrative spread analysis reveals how narratives grow and are distributed over time and by volume.
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Participate In The Conversation

Atomic Content

Millions of pieces of content to easily target industries or ecosystems to expand influence and engagement.

Suggested Messaging

Soundboard reads the article for you and provides suggested messages with high performing hashtags.
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Narrative Manipulation

Narrative manipulation is a potent weapon used by adversaries around the world. See how Kudzu gives analysts unparalleled insight into malign influence campaigns.
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Narrative Briefs

Get daily analytical insight into the key trends and narrative themes of U.S. Congress members and major U.S. media outlets, editors, and reporters... for FREE!

Misinformation, Disinformation, and the need for Narrative Intelligence

The internet allows us to connect, communicate and share content. However, just as there are those that use the internet to enrich their lives, there are also those that exploit it to harm others.
Often the most dangerous of these are the most subtle.
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The data-driven approach to conversation

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