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Trace the evolution of narratives, from initial deployment to final impact.
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Narratives have outcomes

Every day on websites, social media, blogs, and other online channels, countless conversations take shape, spread, and exert influence over everything from business and politics to science and culture. 

These conversations become stories — “narratives” — that carry with them meaning, purpose, themes, and goals. True, false, or somewhere in between, narratives can win or lose business, elections, and wars.

Streamlined Narrative Analysis

EdgeTheory’s AI-powered technology allows you to analyze the ways conversations become narratives, how those narratives grow, and how they shape the world. These tools empower you to see patterns and trends that drive narratives, revealing the ways they originate, who is amplifying them, how they get distorted and repurposed, and their potential impact.

With the insight drawn from this intelligence, users of EdgeTheory’s technology are better prepared to design and deploy messaging campaigns to participate in those narratives, and to measure their success.

Narrative Intelligence is mission critical.

EdgeTheory Capabilities

EdgeTheory analyzes online conversations from a high level down to core narrative components. With this narrative intelligence, organizations and individuals are empowered with the foresight they need to mitigate risk, identify opportunities, communicate effectively, and make confident decisions.


Our framework monitors and consumes sources and narratives at scale


Artificial intelligence and algorithmic analysis that uncovers trends, themes, keywords, and amplifications


Strategic messaging at scale based on context and insights gleaned from analytics


Deep narrative analysis along with insight into the effectiveness of deployed campaigns

EdgeTheory Technology Applied

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Narrative Intelligence Platform


A robust analytics tool designed for professional analysts, and allows for deep research leveraging AI analysis of narratives, networks, sources, keywords, and other metrics.
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Dynamic and continually updated, Briefs are designed to be compact and shareable by people who aren’t trained analysts, but need to consume the kinds of reports and products analysts produce.
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Integrate our large-scale consumption of data and sophisticated AI and ML narrative analysis algorithms into your existing workflows.
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Narrative Manipulation

Narrative manipulation is a potent weapon used by adversaries around the world. See how Kudzu gives analysts unparalleled insight into malign influence campaigns.
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AI-Powered Narrative Intelligence

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