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Charles T. Cleveland Joins EdgeTheory as Strategic Advisor

May 10, 2024EdgeTheory

OXFORD, MS – EdgeTheory, a leading provider of AI-native narrative intelligence solutions for government and private sectors, proudly announces the appointment of Lieutenant General (R) Charles T. Cleveland as a Strategic Advisor. LTG Cleveland brings unparalleled expertise in special operations, irregular warfare, and national security to further advance EdgeTheory's mission of supporting national security with narrative intelligence.  

"We are thrilled to welcome LTG Cleveland to our team," said Joe Stradinger, CEO of EdgeTheory. "His extensive leadership in national security and deep insights into the human domain will be instrumental in guiding our technology's evolution and ensuring it meets the critical needs of our customers."

LTG Cleveland retired from the U.S. Army after over 30 years of distinguished service, during which he played pivotal roles in shaping special operations doctrine and advancing the understanding of the human domain. His extensive experience includes commanding the U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USASOC), the US Special Operations Command Central (SOCCENT), and the US Special Operations Command South (SOCSOUTH),  and leading critical efforts to reintegrate irregular warfare with national defense. He’s pioneered the criticality of the human domain in strategic competition. LTG Cleveland's profound understanding of the human and cognitive domains, coupled with his strategic insights, will advance EdgeTheory's narrative intelligence capabilities and ensure the platform remains at the forefront of addressing complex global challenges. 

"In today's information-centric world, the ability to decipher and counter adversarial narratives is paramount," commented LTG Cleveland. "EdgeTheory's innovative approach to narrative analysis holds tremendous potential in supporting our national security efforts. I am excited to contribute to their mission of delivering cutting-edge solutions for this critical market."

LTG Cleveland's appointment underscores EdgeTheory's commitment to harnessing top-tier expertise to drive innovation and excellence in narrative intelligence technology.

About EdgeTheory:
EdgeTheory is a leading AI-native narrative intelligence company dedicated to accelerating and optimizing decision-making in the information environment. The company's innovative platform leverages advanced AI models to analyze and interpret narrative data, enabling clients to gain actionable insights and strategic advantage in navigating today's complex global landscape.

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