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The "Jobs Report" Narrative on the Rise in Congress

September 7, 2021EdgeTheory

The Jobs Report narrative has been amplified by 39 members of US Congress across 21 unique narratives in the last 7 days. Buddy Carter is the leading amplifier of this narrative. The most active trends associated with the Jobs Report narrative are delta variantunemployment rateleisure and hospitality, and central bank.


  • Rep. Greg Murphy, R-N.C., said Friday's jobs report indicates an "America Last" agenda from Biden administration. The jobs figure the government reported on Friday marked a surprising slowdown after solid gains in July and June
  • The US added just 235,000 jobs last month, way short of the 720,000 expected to see. The unemployment rate dropped to 5.2 percent in August, as expected, from 5.4 percent in the month prior. Leisure and hospitality sectors saw the biggest slowdown in hiring

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