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Does Narrative Intelligence Matter?

September 8, 2021Joe Stradinger

Narrative Intelligence is the study of how narratives start, grow, spread, and are manipulated to achieve economic, social, and political goals.  

The Who:

Who are the individuals, media outlets, and other organizations creating and amplifying media narratives?

The What: 

Which narratives are being amplified the most? Who's behind the amplification? What are the topics and ideas that are trending in these narratives?

The How:

How are these narratives being introduced and amplified? What platforms and other channels are being used to promote them? How do they grow, and by how much?

Amplification of a false narrative can topple governments, cause stocks to collapse, tarnish an organization's reputation, skew election results, and basically create an environment of mistrust.

To say narrative intelligence matters is a massive understatement. Don't believe me? Does the 2020 Presidential election ring any bells? The fake letter from BlackRock CEO, Larry Fink? How about PizzaGate? Microchips in the Covid vaccine? 

Timing is crucial when the amplification of a narrative is starting to accelerate. A swift response is essential in mitigating the threat of a false narrative; therefore, early identification is vital. Narrative intelligence is your best chance at identifying a rogue narrative and responding to it before the situation spirals out of control.  

As social media and the use of artificial intelligence continue to grow and expand, as businesses become increasingly vulnerable to public scrutiny, and as adversaries are presented with the opportunity to manipulate narratives while remaining virtually invisible; organizations have to be more aware of the importance of understanding the narratives that can have a negative impact on them.

The key question for businesses is not ‘Does narrative intelligence matter?'. The key question is ‘How can we afford not to have narrative intelligence?’.               

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