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"Super App, 50k Bitcoin & data architecture" - Fintech Intelligence Report

February 17, 2021Evan Robert

EdgeTheory routinely analyzes the top fintech trends dominating the news cycle and presents them in a concise blog post.

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Spotlight Trend: Super App

"Super App" has emerged as a top fintech narrative over the 3 days.

The phrase has been amplified by multiple fintech influencers on social media. The trend stems from its an article from the Financial Brand which detailed PayPal's plan to become the next banking "Super App." The desired app would have integrated mobile payments, investments, savings, cryptocurrencies, etc.

Below is an amplification graph of this trend.

Articles and Amplifiers

Bitcoin hits a record high of nearly $50,000 as major firms flock to crypto

Amplifiers - 12

Breaking through data-architecture gridlock to scale AI

Amplifiers - 10

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