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Kudzu Narrative Intelligence Brief: Critical Infrastructure

May 18, 2021LeAnne Gault

Every day our narrative analysts are monitoring conversations that matter on all of our media and congressional modules. This report is from the Kudzu U.S. Congress module which provides targeted monitoring and consumption of publicly available information shared by each US senator and representative as well as any amplification that may be occurring.

Over the weekend, critical infrastructure emerged as the leading conversation trend among congressional members related to the narrative colonial pipeline. In total, 90 members have amplified 95 unique narratives associated with critical infrastructure over the past 30 days. These amplifications have accelerated among both Democrats and Republicans since the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack last week. The leading individual amplifiers include Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR), Benjamin Cardin (D-MD), and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

An analysis of the most relevant and recent amplified content indicates Democrats have advanced more narratives than Republicans on the topic of infrastructure-related legislation. Democrats will very likely continue amplification of narratives related to infrastructure as the Biden administration pushes for the passage of its infrastructure plan. As such, the ransomware attack seems to have served as a narrative catalyst for the advancement of both cybersecurity and energy policy for congressional Democrats.

Get the full Kudzu Narrative Intelligence Report here.

Every hour, Kudzu analyzes thousands of pieces of content from the official blogs, Twitter accounts, and YouTube channels of United States senators and representatives.

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