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Kudzu Narrative Intelligence Brief: "Gaza" Trending in US Congress

May 15, 2021EdgeTheory

As tensions between Israel and Palestine continue to rise, the narrative Gaza has been amplified by 49 members of Congress over the past seven days. On May 13, the Israeli Defense Forces announced that ground troops had begun offensive operations against the Palestinians, later clarifying that they had yet to enter the Gaza Strip. According to the New York Times, “the [Israeli] army had amassed troops along the Gazan border [on Friday] and was shelling the territory from Israel.”

Leading amplifications, Republican Senators Ted Cruz and Bill Hagerty have amplified a total of seven unique narratives associated with Gaza this week. Although individual amplifications are led by two Republicans, total amplifications are nearly even among the two parties. Members of the Armed Forces, Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, and Foreign Relations Committees provide the majority of the related conversation. Related to the Gaza narrative, the narrative West Bank has been amplified by 15 congressional members over the past seven days. This indicates members are primarily concerned with amplifying narratives associated with the Gaza Strip, although media reports suggest the West Bank has also seen clashes between Israeli and Palestinian forces.

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