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Kudzu Narrative Intelligence Brief: "Tax Credit"Trending in US Congress

May 18, 2021EdgeTheory
This report is from the Kudzu U.S. Congress module which provides targeted monitoring and consumption of publicly available information shared by each US senator and representative as well as any amplification that may be occurring.

On Tuesday morning, tax credit emerged as a leading congressional narrative. The advancement of the tax credit narrative is predominantly connected to the Biden administration’s move to institute an enhanced child tax credit beginning on July 15. The child tax credit is a part of President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package passed in early March.

An analysis of all narrative content related to tax credit indicates Democrats have led amplifications of the narrative. In total, 86 members have amplified more than 100 tax credit narratives since last month; however over the past 24 hours the narrative has been discussed publicly only among Democrats in the House and Senate. Amplification of this narrative in the public domain is very likely viewed as a means of highlighting the American Rescue Plan’s impact on everyday Americans.

Get the full Kudzu Narrative Intelligence Brief here.

Every hour, Kudzu analyzes thousands of pieces of content from the official blogs, Twitter accounts, and YouTube channels of United States senators and representatives.

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