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"Attorney General, consumer spending & health workers" - Narrative Intelligence Report

December 15, 2020Evan Robert

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Spotlight Trend: Attorney General

"Attorney General" has emerged as a top media narrative for today. CNBC was an early amplifier of this trend, along with CNN, Reuters, Politico, and several other publications.

The trend highlights the departure of U.S. Attorney General William Barr. The announcement comes right after the Electoral College certifies the victory of President-elect Joe Biden. Mr. Barr and President Donald Trump reportedly left on good terms. Deputy Attorney General Jeff Rosen will stand in as acting attorney general.

Below is our amplification timeline of this trend.

Articles and Amplifiers

With Americans Stuck at Home, Trade With China Roars Back

Amplifiers - 7

US vaccinations ramp up as feds weigh 2nd COVID-19 shot

Amplifiers - 6

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