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What are Kudzu Narrative Intelligence Briefs?

October 27, 2021LeAnne Gault

Kudzu Narrative Intelligence™️ Brief is streamlined narrative analysis for executives, lobbyists, analysts and individuals. These daily briefs allow you to easily understand and visualize important narratives around your industry, your competitors, and the topics that. matter to you. Discover what's being said and who is saying it.

Sources matter, and we provide insights on amplified and relevant narratives from the sources that matter to you. Whether it's Congress members, news agencies, companies, or individuals, you always know who is doing the talking and what they have to say.

Amplification analysis is a critical component of the briefs. Surface narrative amplification events among monitored sources. See who is amplifying the same narrative, and when they're doing it. 

Our system uses a number of AI and NLP techniques to extract key phrases and concepts from narrative items. Narrative recaps are also generated for individual narratives.

See what Congress is saying about Inflation.

The Cyberattacks narrative is trending in US Media.

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EdgeTheory technology combines human and artificial intelligence so organizations can understand and participate in the narratives that shape their world.

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