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A New Cold War Narrative is Warming Up in US Media

October 19, 2021LeAnne Gault

The Cold War narrative has been amplified by 43 media sources of United States Media across 108 unique narratives in the last 7 days. New York Times is the leading amplifier of this narrative. The most active trends associated with the Cold War narrative are cold warmr. powellnational security, and space station.

  • Nearly 5,000 dissenters protested his presence in their hometown with signs calling him a Pig Fat Murderer and Chubby Russian Hangman. The local Lions Club flooded his motorcade route with US flags, while the American Legion hung effigies of the squat strongman off lampposts
  • The White House is loath to put a label on this multilayered approach, which may explain why Mr. Biden has yet to give a speech laying it out in any detail. This is nothing like the Cold War, which was primarily a military competition, one of Mr. Bidens senior administration advisers said
  • Sen. Tom Cotton says China is exploiting Joe Biden's weakness. Cotton: China has been flying into Taiwan's airspace more aggressively than at any time in recent history. Cotton responds to a new editorial in China's state-run newspaper declaring, "the U.S. sending naval and air forces to defend Taiwan would be a death blow

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