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U.S. Military Shoots Down Fourth UFO

February 14, 2023Bailey Flanders


On Sunday February 12, the U.S military scrambled F-16 fighter jets in response to a mysterious aerial object flying above Lake Huron. The object was shot down over the U.S-Canada border and the debris fell into Lake Huron, most likely on the Canadian side of the lake. The UFO that was struck down was said to be shaped like an Octagon, according to U.S officials. This comes just days after a suspected Chinese spy balloon was shot down off the coast of South Carolina. Two separate unidentified objects were also shot down after the balloon in the last few days, one in Alaska and the other in Canada’s Yukon.

General Glen VanHerck of the U.S Air Force is in charge of securing U.S Airspace and he made himself available to the press on Sunday following the takedown of the latest UFO. When he was asked what the objects were he had this to say: “I'll let the intel community and the counterintelligence community figure that out”. He went on to say that the military was unsure of what the objects were but that they were not balloons like the first one. China’s foreign ministry claims they have no further information about the latest batch of puzzling aerial objects. 

See how the media has reacted to these UFO’s and what narratives are being pushed out in our 7 day Kudzu Brief on the topic.

Key Insights:

  • The phrase "Chinese spy" is still trending in connection to the term “UFO”. 69 individual sources have amplified the “Chinese spy” narrative in the last 7 days. This suggests lots of media outlets may be suggesting the two are related.
  • Coverage of this topic has been very balanced when it comes to political bias. Right leaning sources are just as dominant on the topic as left leaning ones are. 
  • Our brief saw a dramatic spike in coverage on February 12th and that growth has remained exponential on February 13th. For whatever reason, the third UFO shot down shot the coverage up by more than double of the first two. 

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