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Mike Pence's Indiana Home Searched by FBI

February 13, 2023Bailey Flanders


According to sources close to NPR, the FBI set their sights on former Vice President Pence’s Indiana home in a hunt for classified documents early Friday morning. The search is said to have been a consensual search allowed by Mike Pence. This comes on the heels of a search conducted at President Biden’s Delaware beach house just last week. Mike Pence was also subpoenaed on Friday by the special counsel investigating the classified documents found at Mar-A-Lago in 2022. These investigations are part of a larger effort by the FBI to track down several documents that former leaders of the United States may be in possession of.

An article released on February 10th by The New York Times reported that Vice President Pence’s staff had conducted their own search of his home in Indiana after classified documents had been found at President Biden’s home in Delaware. The team uncovered a number of documents labeled “Classified” and were privately negotiating to hand the documents over in a secure way, and allow a consensual search from the FBI of the home. In the late afternoon of February 10th, hours after the search began, it was reported that the FBI had found at least one classified document in the home of Mike Pence. 

Let’s take a look at our Key Insights resulting from our Kudzu brief on the topic.

Key Insights:

  • In our brief, we can see that when we break down the coverage of this topic by media bias, this topic is more widely covered by left-leaning outlets than it is by right-leaning ones. 
  • This narrative has been driven by 245 different sources in our U.S Media module in just the last 3 days.
  • The phrases “Donald Trump” (1016 mentions) and “Joe Biden” (506 Mentions) are trending alongside “Mike Pence”, which illustrates how the media is talking about all 3 concerning the ongoing investigations of former and current U.S. leaders.

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