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The Thrill Is Gone or The Ad -Blocking Blues

October 7, 2015EdgeTheory

Born Under a Bad Sign

If your inbox, Twitter feed, and timeline haven't been recently inundated with articles about ad-blocking, I'm envious… Really envious. Are you somewhere cool with no wifi?

For you blissfully unaware, ad-blocking providers like AdBloc let users remove all of the ads shown on every web page they visit. Tech Crunch reports, "a whopping 200 million people worldwide use ad-blockers when surfing the web."

While the ad-blockers are music to the ears of users– imagine no more pop-ups or ads crowding your screen – agencies and brands are singing the blues.  To further increase ad-blocking interest, they help with page load speed and preserving battery life. Apple has even developed an app that blocks ads (even the pretty native ones) including ads on their own Apple News.

So what's a marketer to do?

Come On In My Kitchen

Ad-blocking makes creating good, engaging content more important than ever. The days of finding customers through cookie-fueled web ads seem to be on the way out.  And that's where EdgeTheory comes in: You need content, and we have it!

EdgeTheory is a conversation media company that specializes in smart marketing automation. We help brands take their social media presence to the next level by providing them with content, at scale, that intersects with the interests of customers who are not yet looking for them. Our platform amplifies a brand's message, manages reputation, and builds influence.  Most importantly we do it all through conversation. Not ads.

Feel like everyday you have the blues with ad-blocking? Juke on over to edgetheory.com, and we'll have you singing a happy tune.

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