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Rising Interest Rates - Narrative Trends

May 20, 2022Evan Robert

Rising interest rates are circulating through every industry. Probably the most prominent rate hike is in the housing industry, where interest rates have risen significantly since March of this year. EdgeTheory's narrative intelligence brief on interest rates analyzes the scope of the narrative, who's pushing it, and how it's being shaped every day.

Surfaced keywords by source in US Media

According to the brief, left-leaning outlets have covered the rising interest rates significantly more, with 300 amplifications in the past 30 days, compared to the right-leaning coverage of 174. The top single amplifier during that time is CNBC, which has mentioned rising interest rates 34 times.

A top narrative trend with 330 mentions is "federal reserve." The Federal Reserve board has been attempting to mitigate inflation through raising interest rates, which has affected everything from buying a home to finding a job.

Keywords like "real estate," "rate hikes," and "housing market" give a good summation of the narrative. However, an unusual keyword that emerged from the interest rate narrative is "war in Ukraine." It seems that many in US Media see the war in Ukraine as a cause (or future cause) of economic instability, in particular with regard to global supply chain issues. The repercussions of the war, according to this narrative, essentially amount to higher interest rates for Americans, and more expensive consumer goods.

Source dynamics of the narrative in US Media

One city in particular is getting significant media coverage in tandem with interest rates: San Francisco. Real estate developers are reporting stalled projects due to inflation, high interest rates, and lingering supply chain issues caused by the pandemic. With 145 mentions in media coverage in the past 30 days, San Francisco is getting the bulk of the national attention when it comes to home affordability– but the issue is nationwide.

With the myriad factors of inflation, supply chain issues, stock market volatility, the rising interest rates narrative is far from over. This narrative brief will update automatically every day, showing the new narratives that are driving real estate outcomes.

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