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Negative"Propane" Narrative Being Amplified by US Media

May 28, 2021EdgeTheory

As of Friday morning, the narrative propane among the U.S. media has been amplified by 103 sources over the past 30 days. The leading publishers of content include the Washington TimesBreitbartCNNFox News, and NJ Entertainment. These five sources have published a total of 21 narratives containing the phrase propane, with the majority of articles criticizing the Biden administration’s positions on the climate and environmentPropane was mentioned as a clean energy source in a number of these individual narratives, almost always surrounded by a negative connotation. 

Currently, the leading narrative trends associated with propane include tax breaks and Mont Belvieu. These narrative trends reflect the most popular narrative theme related to propane: Texas’s deadly winter storm. A number of these individual narratives contain the phrase propane as it was a popular fuel during the storm last February.

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