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"Intelligence Community" Emerging as a Major Narrative Among the U.S. Media

May 28, 2021EdgeTheory

Late this week, intelligence community emerged as a major narrative among the U.S. media following President Biden’s decision to order an in-depth review of the Covid-19 lab leak theory. The lab leak theory, which has mostly gained traction among conservative-leaning sources, was never fully dismissed by World Health Organization officials or the U.S. Intelligence Community. On Wednesday, President Biden publicly announced he had ordered the U.S. Intelligence Community to conduct an in-depth review of the theory.

As of Friday morning, the leading narrative trends associated with intelligence community include White Houselab leak, and Biden administration. Currently, the narrative has been amplified by 48 sources across more than 100 unique narratives. The leading amplifier of the intelligence community narrative is Fox News with 14 narrative amplifications.

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