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Kudzu Narrative Intelligence Brief: "Energy" Trending in US Congress

May 19, 2021EdgeTheory

As of Wednesday morning, the narrative energy among congressional members contains both an international and domestic perspective. Internationally, amplification of narratives related to energy mainly concern President Biden’s decision to waive sanctions on a Russian firm tasked with leading construction of the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline. Domestically, narratives regarding energy mostly relate to the Biden administration’s infrastructure plan, as well as lingering amplification of content covering the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack.

Nine Republicans over the last 24 hours have amplified two narratives from Axios and Politico covering Biden’s decision to waive sanctions on Nord Stream 2 Pipeline officials. The amplifiers of this content appear to fall into two broad camps: 1) those highlighting what they view as a failure of the administration and 2) those Republicans who oppose the construction of the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline for environmental and national security reasons. No Democrats have amplified similar narratives.

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