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Kudzu Narrative Intelligence Brief: "China" Trending in US Media

May 19, 2021EdgeTheory

Since Monday afternoon, ongoing supply chain challenges and human rights concerns have driven the narrative China in the U.S. media. Two articles from Bloomberg and the New York Times have led the amplification of the narrative. The Bloomberg article, titled The World Economy is Suddenly Running Low on Everything, focuses on the current supply chain challenges facing nearly every sector in the global economy. The New York Times Article, Censorship, Surveillance and Profits- A Hard Bargain for Apple in China, covers the challenges private enterprises face when operating in China, mainly emanating from Chinese Communist Party leadership.

An analysis of this narrative indicates that the U.S. media's primary focus remains on human rights concerns in China and, to a lesser extent, supply chain issues related to semiconductor production. Regardless of the general topic, almost all recent narratives related to China have incorporated one or both of these issues.

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