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Israel Protests And Demonstrations

March 28, 2023Lara Wright

Israel President vs. Prime Minister

Israeli media has reported demonstrations in more than 100 towns and cities, and the president warns that the nation may be on the brink of a “civil war.” Let’s take a look at how medias are reacting to this.

Key Insights

  • As seen in the MENA Media brief, the narrative has been driven by 27 sources across 520 unique narratives in the last 30 days, and the European Media brief shows the narrative being driven by 122 sources across 383 unique narratives in the last 30 days
  • Checks and balances is among the surfaced keywords across the MENA media module, while corruption charges is a surfaced keyword in the European media module.
  • European media sources seem to share a more even percentage of narratives pushed, while The Times of Israel is the leading source among MENA media.
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