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Israel Protests - Update

April 13, 2023Carter Diggs

Israel Protests - Update

On March 26, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dismissed Defense Minister Yoav Gallant.  Gallant had previously called for the adoption of justice reforms within Israeli policy.  Since the sacking, mass protests have occurred in Israel.  See how different areas are reporting on this story with a US news brief, a European news brief, and a Middle East & North African news brief.

Keyword Analysis

  • The surfaced keyword “al-aqsa mosque” references the mosque recently raided by the IDF during Ramadan.
  • The surfaced keyword “tel-aviv” references the city in which many protest-related altercations and police crackdowns have occurred since the sacking.. 
  • West bank” and “gaza strip” surace in every region’s briefs, due to Israel’s policies and political conflicts having a direct impact on the Palestinian community.


Reporting in America comes primarily from least-bias and left-center biased sources.  A majority of the sources reporting on the topic in the US are high reliability.

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