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Writer's Guild Of America Strike

May 5, 2023Carter Diggs

Writer's Guild Of America Strike

The Writer's Guild of America Strike narrative has been driven by 272 sources in the U.S. Media module across 950 unique narratives in the last 30 days.

The narrative themes amplified by these sources include the struggle of writers to gain fair compensation and residuals, the impact of streaming companies cutting costs on creatives, and the potential for a significant work stoppage in Hollywood.

See this Kudzu Narrative Intelligence Brief for further understanding of the Writer's Guild of America Strike narrative from U.S. media outlets

Narrative Insights

  • Sal Calleros, writer-producer of Snowfall is a prominent voice on the pro-union side of the narrative.  His statement expressed that television stations owe their success to the writers that script their content.
  • The surfaced keyword artificial intelligence references audiences’ questions and anxieties over whether studios will turn to artificial intelligence to produce television scripts in the absence of union writers.
  • The surfaced keywords late night and saturday night live reference how many late night comedy and talk shows will be affected due to their writers participating in the strike.
  • The surfaced keyword streaming residuals highlights one of the components of the WGA’s demands for increased compensation from studios.

Demographic Insights

  • The majority of reporting comes from the state of California, owing to the strike potentially causing a disruption to the film business in Hollywood.
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