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Why is Everyone Talking About Content Amplification?

August 12, 2020EdgeTheory

Great Content Doesn't Matter

Your brand hopefully produces A LOT of swell content. You've got to put out tons of content to get ahead in social. According to a 2014 survey from the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs, 73 percent of B2B content marketers produce more content than they did a year ago,

But what if you put great content out there and no one discovers it? Could that really happen? You bet your sweet content calendar it can. You can spend hours crafting engaging, creative messages, and they will never get seen.


Yep. It's true. The problem is that everyone has read the same articles you have and are trying to do the same things you're doing. The best practices are pretty standard: write good content and post it - frequently. How in the world can you make your voice heard (or your content seen)?

Should You Rely on One Voice?

Content Amplification at its core is basically publishing branded content on as many channels or platforms as possible. Your brand's single voice on Twitter. Your brand's single voice on Facebook. Your blog, your Instagram, your Pinterest, etc. You can include paid amplification tools like Facebook Promoted Posts or Promoted Tweets on Twitter which can be costly. So what's a smart marketer or sales team to do?

More Voices = More Business

It's a new day for content amplification! Your brand already has a group of passionate voices at the ready. You don't? Sure you do. If you're a team or a beauty product you've got fans. If you're a cause based organization you have supporters. If you're a direct sales organization or an MLM then you've got sales reps, members, and employees. Imagine all of their voices sharing that great content about your brand.  This is why we created Soundboard.

Why Use Soundboard?

  • Brand messages reached 561% further when shared by employees vs the same messages shared via official brand social channels (Source: MSLGroup)

  • Employees have on average 10x more social connections than a brand does (Source: Social Chorus)

  • 92% of employees' Twitter followers are new to the brand (Source: Cisco)

Still need convincing? We work with a large global direct sales organization. Before Soundboard their branded Twitter handle shared an average of 90 tweets per month to 30k followers. Not bad really. After over 5,000 sales reps completed the easy, one-time Soundboard signup the message count jumped to over 96k. Think your sales team wouldn't like their Twitter handle to be flooded with tons of messages from your brand? Soundboard only sends messages out over these handles five times per week. And it's not 5,000 twitter users tweeting out the same message at the same time. Everything is optimized for maximum success.

Want to learn more? Find out more about what we do at EdgeTheory, and why we have a chorus of brands singing our praises. If 2016 is all about amplification and content, we've got what you need.

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