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US Media Accelerating Census Narrative

August 13, 2021EdgeTheory

In the past 30 days, 292 U.S. media sources have amplified the census narrative across more than 500 unique narratives in the last 30 days. CNN, Boston Globe, Washington Post, Detroit Free Press, and Washington Times are the leading amplifiers of this narrative. Some of the main narrative trends related to the census narrative are census bureau, census data, U.S. census, white house, delta variant, and voting rights. Each of these narrative trends has been mentioned over 100 times across the more than 500 unique narratives. 

The census narrative accelerated after the Census Bureau published its population data used for redistricting and federal spending. Many narratives discuss how the U.S. is becoming more racially and ethnically diverse.

Every hour, the Kudzu US Media Module analyzes website feeds, Twitter accounts, and YouTube channels of major U.S. media outlets, their editors, and reporters to provide analytical insights on key trends and narrative frameworks.

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