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The "Paul Gosar" Narrative Being Amplified in US Media

July 6, 2021EdgeTheory

In the past 2 weeks, the Paul Gosar narrative has been amplified by 138 media sources across more than 100 unique narratives. Arizona Republic, Politico, MSNBC, and New York Times are the leading amplifying sources. Arizona Republic journalist Dan Nowicki is also a lead amplifier of the narrative. Capitol police, law enforcement, oath keepers, and Trump supporter are the leading narrative trends associated with Paul Gosar. 

A majority of the amplified articles criticize Rep. Paul Gosar’s (R-AZ) connections to the January 6 capitol riot and white nationalism. The leading narrative associated with the Paul Gosar narrative is a New York Times article titled “Video: A Day in Rage: An In-depth Look at How a Mob Stormed the Capitol.” This article has been amplified 42 times since its publication on June 30.

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