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Russia's Nixed Victory Day Parades

May 10, 2023Ben Bearden

Putin Accuses West of 'Real War' Amid Nixed Victory Day Parades


Ahead of Russia's WWII Victory Day parade, at least 21 Russian cities axed military parades for the first time in years due amid drone strike scare. The scaled-back celebrations and President Putin's accusations that the West is waging a "real war" on Russia indicate the impact of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. 

In the coming days, key narratives to watch include Russia's use of the alleged drone strike to justify further aggression against Ukraine, Russia’s labeling of Ukrainians as “Nazis” to evoke World War II nostalgia, and the nation's efforts to obscure military losses.

Rolling Updates

See this Kudzu Narrative Intelligence Brief to understand the various narratives circulating Russia’s Victory Day parade in our US Media module. 


The Victory Day Parade narrative has been driven by 164 sources in the U.S. Media module across 385 unique narratives in the last 7 days. MSN is the leading amplifier for this narrative. 

Important narratives:

  • Canceled WWII parades
  • Proxy conflict
  • Putin's "real war" accusation
  • Denazification of Ukraine

Relevant narrative keywords:

  • Ukrainian drone attack
  • Victory Day
  • Nazi Germany
  • Security concerns
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