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PGA & LIV Golf Merger: A Comparative Media Analysis

June 7, 2023EdgeTheory


The PGA Tour has announced that it has agreed to merge with LIV Golf. Reactions are divided. Some say fans around the world should be thrilled that the feud between PGA and LIV is over, and that concerns about tournament purses are now moot. Others are calling the merger "one of the saddest days in the history of professional golf. Below are insights on the golf merger from our narrative intelligence briefs.

Rolling Updates

Below, we analyze this global topic across 4 regional media modules:

Narrative Intelligence Brief on PGA-LIV Golf Merger - U.S. Media Sources

U.S. Media - Narrative Intelligence Brief

Narrative Intelligence Brief on PGA-LIV Golf Merger - Pacific Region Media Sources

Pacific Media - Narrative Intelligence Brief

Narrative Intelligence Brief on PGA-LIV Golf Merger - European Media Sources

European Media - Narrative Intelligence Brief

Narrative Intelligence Brief on PGA-LIV Golf Merger - Middle East & North Africa Media Sources

MENA - Narrative Intelligence Brief

Key Take-Aways: Comparative Narrative Analysis

Economic Effects

At the time of the merger, our stock feature shows both Topgolf and Acushnet surging.

Keyword Breakdown

Looking at the keyword widgets in the narrative analysis briefs above, a few common and distinct elements emerge. Of note, all regions mention "human rights" in high volume. Different regions seem to highlight different notable figures in the golf world, along with other key terms.

Key Phrases Common To All Regions

  1. public investment: 215 occurrences
  2. jay monahan: 240 occurrences
  3. investment fund: 183 occurrences
  4. public investment fund: 186 occurrences
  5. commissioner jay: 185 occurrences
  6. human rights: 164 occurrences
  7. brooks koepka: 140 occurrences
  8. phil mickelson: 129 occurrences
  9. yasir al-rumayyan: 126 occurrences

Key Phrases Common To Most Regions

  1. greg norman (3 Sets): 77 occurrences
  2. shock merger (3 Sets): 41 occurrences
  3. tiger woods (3 Sets): 40 occurrences
  4. donald trump (3 Sets): 39 occurrences

Unique Key Phrases

Set: U.S. Media

  1. saudi arabia: 578 occurrences
  2. jay monahan: 548 occurrences
  3. commissioner jay: 448 occurrences
  4. country club establishments: 443 occurrences
  5. yasir al-rumayyan: 324 occurrences
  6. phil mickelson: 320 occurrences

Set: MENA Media

  1. pif governor: 10 occurrences
  2. saudi-backed liv: 12 occurrences
  3. crown prince: 11 occurrences

Set: Pacific Region Media

  1. greg norman: 26 occurrences
  2. rory mcilroy: 25 occurrences
  3. sovereign wealth: 23 occurrences
  4. commercial businesses: 22 occurrences

Set: European Media

[no notable unique items]


Below are excerpts from the narrative analyses that show which outlets were the most active at the time of writing (the briefs update several times daily). The actual briefs contain a longer list of outlets, and summaries of the trending articles.

U.S. Media

Pacific Region Media

Middle East / North Africa Media

European Media

Note: Kudzu Narrative Intelligence briefs update every few hours. Very likely, the Narrative Analysis data visualization depicted in the graphic above will have changed as well.

Cover Photo by Steven Shircliff on Unsplash

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