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Michael Oher Files Petition to End Conservatorship and Seek Financial Compensation

August 15, 2023Bailey Flanders


Michael Oher, the former NFL tackle known for the movie "The Blind Side," has filed a petition in Shelby County probate court to end the conservatorship held by the Tuohy family. Oher accuses Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy of lying to him and tricking him into signing documents that enabled them to profit off his name and story. He is seeking a full accounting of the money earned from "The Blind Side" and asks to be paid what he is due along with interest. This legal action raises questions about Oher's adoption by the Tuohy family and their financial dealings related to the movie.

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Headline Issues

1. Michael Oher Accuses Tuohy Family of Deception and Seeks Termination of Conservatorship

Michael Oher alleges that Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy lied to him and manipulated him into signing conservatorship papers instead of legally adopting him. The key points of this issue include:

  • Oher's request to terminate the conservatorship held by the Tuohy family.
  • His demand for a full accounting of the money earned from the use of his name and story in "The Blind Side."
  • Oher's claim that he was never legally adopted by the Tuohy family and was shut out of the financial benefits derived from the movie.

2. Michael Oher's Relationship with Tiffany Roy and Their Wedding

In recent news, Michael Oher's relationship with Tiffany Roy has been a topic of interest. The key points of this issue include:

  • Oher and Roy met in 2005 at the University of Mississippi.
  • The couple got married in November 2022 at the JW Marriott in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Tiffany Roy does not have any public social media profiles where she shares details about her private life.

3. Michael Oher's Memoir and the Importance of His Wife, Tiffany Roy

In his latest memoir, titled "When Your Back's Against the Wall: Fame, Football, and Lessons Learned through a Lifetime of Adversity," Michael Oher emphasizes the significance of his wife, Tiffany Roy, in his life. The key points of this issue include:

  • Oher's statement that his wife, Tiffany, is at the center of his circle.
  • The role of Tiffany Roy in supporting Oher throughout his journey of fame, football, and overcoming adversity.
  • The insights provided by Oher's memoir regarding his personal life and the lessons he has learned.

In our analysis of the top surfaced keywords, we have identified certain patterns and trends that shed light on the competing narratives surrounding Michael Oher and the Tuohy family. Here are some key insights:

  1. Leigh Anne Tuohy: Leigh Anne Tuohy, the adoptive mother of Michael Oher, is mentioned frequently with a count of 80. Her involvement in Oher's life and her role as a key supporter and advocate for him make her a prominent figure in the narratives.
  2. Sean and Leigh: The combination of Sean and Leigh, referring to Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy, appears with a count of 76. This suggests that their partnership and joint efforts in supporting Oher are a notable aspect of the narratives.
  3. Sandra Bullock: Sandra Bullock, the actress who portrayed Leigh Anne Tuohy in the film "The Blind Side," is mentioned with a count of 67. This indicates the influence of the movie on the narratives and the public's perception of Oher and the Tuohy family.
  4. Chagrin and Embarrassment: The keywords "chagrin and embarrassment" appear with a count of 64. This suggests that these emotions are associated with certain aspects of the narratives, possibly related to Oher's discovery of a lie or other controversial events.
  5. Baltimore Ravens: The NFL team, Baltimore Ravens, is mentioned with a count of 59. This indicates the significance of Oher's career with the team and how it contributes to the narratives surrounding him.
  6. University of Mississippi: The University of Mississippi, where Oher played college football, is mentioned with a count of 51. This indicates the importance of his college career and how it contributes to the narratives.

These surfaced keywords provide insights into the competing narratives surrounding Michael Oher and the Tuohy family. The prominence of certain keywords reflects their relevance and significance in the discussions about Oher's life, his adoption, his career in football, and the impact of the movie "The Blind Side." By analyzing these keywords, we can gain a better understanding of the various perspectives and narratives surrounding this story.

Note: The keyword counts provided are based on our Narrative Intelligence and may vary in different sources or platforms.

Michael Oher amplification distribution by keyword-dynamics

U.S. Media

Insights for Bias in U.S. Media

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Left-Center Bias accounts for the highest percentage, with 49% of media coverage exhibiting this bias. This is followed by Least Bias at 31%, Left Bias at 22%, Right-Center Bias at 21%, and Right Bias at 12%. These percentages highlight the varying degrees of bias present in U.S. media.

Comparatively, Left-Center Bias is more than double that of Right Bias and almost triple that of Right-Center Bias. Additionally, Left Bias is slightly higher than Right-Center Bias, indicating a stronger left-leaning presence in media coverage.

Michael Oher amplification distribution by bias

U.S. Media

Note: Kudzu Narrative Intelligence briefs update every few hours. Very likely, the Narrative Analysis data visualization depicted in the graphic above will have changed as well.

Image Credit for Article Header: Tulane Public Relations, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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