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Kudzu Narrative Intelligence Brief: "Supply Chains" Trending in European Media

May 12, 2021EdgeTheory

Eighteen European media sources have amplified more than 100 unique narratives associated with supply chains since May 11. Generally, the narratives cover a wide array of specific topics ranging from European Union-Africa relations to the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack in the United States.

The most active amplifiers of content include the EU Reporter, The Guardian, and The Economist, all amplifying more than a dozen articles on the narrative this week. The leading individual narratives include two articles published by EurActiv on May 12; both being amplified by the EU Reporter Twitter account. Furthermore, the leading conversation trends associated with this narrative include “colonial pipeline” and “covid-19 vaccines” indicating the majority of narratives covering supply chains this week related to the fuel shortages sparked by the Colonial Pipeline hack.

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