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Khader Adnan's Death

May 3, 2023EdgeTheory

The Prevailing Narrative Of Khader Adnan's Death

Khader Adnan was a Palestinian prisoner who died after an 87-day hunger strike, during which he was protesting against his detention on charges including incitement to violence. Adnan had been arrested 12 times before and had spent a total of eight years in Israeli prisons. He was a member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group and was considered by some to be a senior leader of the resistance movement.

Key Insights

The circumstances surrounding Adnan's death are disputed, with Israel stating that he refused medical tests and treatment and was found unconscious in his cell. However, many in the Palestinian and wider Middle Eastern communities view his death as a result of Israel's oppressive policies towards Palestinian prisoners. The European Union has called for a transparent investigation into Adnan's death, and Iran's Foreign Ministry has described it as a "crime against humanity." Adnan's death has also sparked retaliatory actions, with rockets fired at targets in Gaza following the announcement of his passing. Overall, Adnan's death has been framed within the larger context of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, with many viewing it as another example of the injustices faced by Palestinians under Israeli occupation.

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