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Insulin Price Cuts and Out-of-Pocket Cap

March 2, 2023Simon Moss


On Wednesday this week, the major insulin manufacturer Eli Lilly announced their plan to cut their price of insulin by 70% and to cap out-of-pocket expenses at $35 per month. This price cut follows calls by some politicians to tackle medical costs. See how different narratives in the U.S. media are responding to the issue of insulin in this Kudzu brief.

Key Insights:

  • Top surfaced keywords like “insulin prices,” “insulin costs”, and “out-of-pocket costs” highlight the financial difficulties surrounding insulin.
  • Other surfaced keywords including “inflation reduction act” and “president joe biden” demonstrate how the White House is seeking to leverage Eli Lilly’s price cuts as exemplary of further medical cost reductions.

Least-bias and center-leaning sources have dominated, with almost 5x as many sources. Also, left-leaning sources nearly double right-leaning sources.

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