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Hunter Biden's Plea Deal

July 27, 2023Bailey Flanders
President Joe Biden hugs his family during the 59th Presidential Inauguration ceremony in Washington, Jan. 20, 2021. (DOD Photo by Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Carlos M. Vazquez II)


Media narratives are circulating that Hunter Biden's legal team has been trying to prevent the release of incriminating evidence before his expected guilty plea to federal charges of tax evasion and weapons crimes. The plea deal could potentially result in Hunter Biden avoiding jail time. This narrative is being amplified by multiple sources.

Rolling Updates

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Headline Issues

1. Hunter Biden's Legal Team

Hunter Biden's legal team is facing accusations of attempting to block the release of evidence before his guilty plea. This raises questions about their tactics and the potential impact on the case.

Key Takeaways:

  • Accusations that Hunter Biden's legal team is trying to prevent the release of incriminating evidence.
  • Potential implications for the case and its outcome.

2. Damning Evidence?

The media narratives suggest that there is significant evidence against Hunter Biden that could be damaging to his case. The attempt to block its release raises questions about the strength of the evidence and its potential impact on the plea deal.

3. The Plea Deal

The plea deal being discussed in the media narratives could potentially result in Hunter Biden avoiding jail time. This raises questions about the fairness and consequences of the plea deal.

Key Takeaways:

  • Speculation that the plea deal could lead to no jail time for Hunter Biden.

In our analysis of the top surfaced keywords related to the recent news on plea deals and tax charges, we have identified several key terms that appear more frequently than others. Here are some insights on these keywords and their relation to the competing narratives:

    1. Plead guilty:
      • Keyword frequency: 220
      • Explanation: The frequent appearance of the keyword "plead guilty" indicates that it is a crucial element of the narrative. It highlights the defendant's admission of guilt in relation to the charges brought against them. 
    2. Justice Department:
      • Keyword frequency: 214
      • Explanation: The presence of the keyword "Justice Department" indicates the involvement of a significant governmental entity in the narrative. The frequency suggests that the actions and decisions made by the Justice Department are of particular interest to readers. It highlights the role of the department in overseeing the legal proceedings and potentially shaping the outcome of the case.
    3. Judge Maryellen Noreika:
      • Keyword frequency: 205
      • Explanation: The repetition of Judge Maryellen Noreika's name as a top surfaced keyword indicates her significance in the narrative. As a federal judge presiding over the case, her decisions and actions carry weight and can influence the outcome. The frequency of this keyword suggests that readers are interested in understanding her role and potential impact on the plea deal and tax charges.
    4. President's son:
      • Keyword frequency: 196
      • Explanation: The keyword "President's son" highlights the familial connection to a prominent political figure, in this case, President Joe Biden. The repetition of this keyword suggests that readers are interested in the potential implications of the legal proceedings on the president and his administration. It adds a political dimension to the narrative and raises questions about the influence of familial ties on the case.

These insights on the top surfaced keywords provide a comparative analysis of their frequencies and shed light on their relevance to the competing narratives surrounding the plea deal and tax charges. By examining the prominence of these keywords, we can better understand the key themes and focal points of the news story.

Hunter Biden amplification distribution by keyword-dynamics

U.S. Media

Insights for Bias in U.S. Media

Our Narrative Intelligence has conducted an analysis on the numerical differences in media coverage across political leaning, focusing on left, left-center, right, and right-center sources. The results show significant variations in bias among these sources.

  • Left Bias: With 101 articles, left-leaning sources exhibit the highest bias in their coverage. This indicates a strong inclination towards a particular ideology in their reporting.
  • Right Bias: Right-leaning sources follow closely with 213 articles, demonstrating a significant bias towards their own political beliefs.
  • Left-Center Bias: Sources with a left-center bias produced 162 articles, indicating a moderate bias towards the left but with some attempt at balance.
  • Right-Center Bias: Right-center sources produced 115 articles, displaying a moderate bias towards the right but with some effort to present diverse perspectives.
  • Least Bias: The least biased sources, with 245 articles, strives to present news without favoring any particular political ideology.

This comparative analysis reveals the stark differences in bias across media sources. While "Least Bias" is our leading source of news, conservative-leaning media has certainly out-amplified our left-ward leaning news outlets. Our Narrative AI and Narrative Technology enable us to uncover these insights, shedding light on the biases prevalent in U.S. media.

Hunter Biden amplification distribution by bias

U.S. Media

Note: Kudzu Narrative Intelligence briefs update every few hours. Very likely, the Narrative Analysis data visualization depicted in the graphic above will have changed as well.

Image Credit for Article Header: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from Washington D.C, United States, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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