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Get Smart: What Is Smart Marketing Automation?

October 14, 2019EdgeTheory

Would You Believe?

Thankfully technology has far exceeded Maxwell Smart's shoe phone.  Can you imagine having to take off your shoe every time you wanted to tweet, snapchat, or swipe right? Just like you, your business has had to "Get Smart" with technology and social media.

Being relevant on social means coming up with good, engaging content is more important than ever.  Unfortunately your team is busier than ever.  That's where Smart Marketing Automation comes in.  What is Smart Marketing Automation? Put your shoe back on, and I'll give you a clue.

What's Marketing Automation?

No matter the size of your business you've probably run across the marketing automation. In simple terms, marketing automation is a software platform that helps reduce repetitive tasks, by automating the often-tedious tasks marketers must deal with. It essentially puts everything under one roof, which leads to increased efficiency.

But while marketing automation can make your teams' job a whole lot easier, there's no getting around the fact that you need to produce valuable and engaging content. Without strong content your social media efforts will fall flat.

Content creation is what takes Smart Marketing Automation (SMA) a step further than marketing automation.  SMA

Ready to Get Smart?

Word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing and is how any organization shares its message.  However, most organizations are resource constrained in creating enough content to stay part of the conversation.

EdgeTheory is a conversation media company that specializes in smart marketing automation. We help brands take their social media presence to the next level by providing them with content, at scale, that intersects with the interests of customers who are not yet looking for them. Our platform amplifies a brand's message, manages reputation, and builds influence.

You need smart content. We have it. Let us introduce you to all that Smart Marketing Automation and EdgeTheory have to offer you.

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