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Following the Conversation Trend "US Capitol Building" in the Global Media

January 7, 2021LeAnne Gault

The events that occurred at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, have become a global narrative that affects the way the world perceives our country. That perception can affect global alliances, financial markets, and how the United States projects power around the globe.

The Kudzu Global Media module offers some interesting insights into  the ways certain conversation trends have increased and decreased in velocity — the rate at which words and phrases increase in usage over time —  over the last 24 hours. 

Taking "US Capitol Building" as an example, we can see that this trend has seen a 1900% increase in volume in the last 24 hours. 57 new articles have mentioned "us capitol building" with 25 of the articles originating from a Russian news agency. That means the Russian media outlet increased its usage of the term by  833.3% in the last 24 hours. 

Diving into the conversation trend, it's easy to see the narratives that different foreign entities are amplifying. Russia focuses its attention on the shortcomings of President Trump. Iran brings up concerns over nuclear power. China’s  Global Times touts the deterioration of America's global image. Spain's Euro Weekly News points out Chinese mockery of  yesterday's events in DC.

These divergent narratives illustrate how the amplification of the wrong narrative can destroy a business, election, or balance sheet. The conversation trend "us capitol building" centers on US politics, but conversation trends can also focus on the products, reputation, or leadership of an organization. Online conversations have changed the terrain for organizations and brands. Learn more about the changing terrain here

At EdgeTheory, our technology combines human and artificial intelligence to help organizations understand and participate in the conversations that shape their world. Our media analysis product Kudzu analyzes millions of pieces of content from hundreds of thousands of content producers and news influencers, and atomizes the data into Conversation Trends and Narrative Intelligence.

Narrative Intelligence provides clear insights into the volume, amplification, and top trends that enable organizations, agencies, and investors to better understand the public perceptions of a brand, industry, or investment. Conversation Trends reveal patterns, volume, and velocity around narrative components, and helps organizations synthesize actionable intelligence. Successful organizations must  be able to identify the spikes and dips in keyword usage that can move public opinion and shape markets and policy.

Kudzu not only detects and monitors the entities involved, it also equips our customers with targeted messaging at scale to harness the power of positive narratives, or counter disinformation campaigns.

We hope that sharing some of the conversation trends and narrative intelligence from Kudzu  will help provide additional clarity and understanding as to how narratives can spread online, and how they shape your world.

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