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Finland Joins NATO

April 4, 2023Ben Bearden

Finland Joins NATO

On April 4th, Finland became the 31st country to join the NATO military alliance. Finland, a  Northern European country that borders Russia, applied to join the military alliance following Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. The historically neutral country was warmly welcomed by several prominent NATO member countries. 

See this Kudzu narrative intelligence brief to understand the different narratives surrounding Finland & NATO over the last 7 days. 

Key Insights:

  • The Finland & NATO narrative has been driven by 197 sources in the U.S. Media module across 634 unique narratives in the last 7 days. 
  • After a lull in coverage, the Finland & NATO narrative experienced a narrative resurrection on April 3, as talks of Finnish ascension to NATO re-circulated the news media.
  • From our US Media module, the “leased-biased” and left-center outlets account for nearly 70% of the narratives amplified.
  • The most active source is The Washington Times, accounting for 3.8% of the narratives produced. 
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