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Finding the Right Social Media Ingredients: The Recipe for Powerful Content

September 17, 2014EdgeTheory

Creating powerful social media content requires more time and effort than most people realize. Before you cook up your content, it’s important to see what ingredients and tools you have to work with. By having a recipe for success — equal parts sincerity and creativity — your efforts will produce better results than cooking from scratch.

Powerful content is sincere. It is truthful and expressed in a genuine way.

Have you ever lost interest in a conversation (and the person you’re talking to) because they were faking it? People have the same ability to pick up on insincere conversations on social media. People will have the same adverse reaction to insincere content on social media as they do in real life and will lose interest both in your business and what you’re saying.

Communicating in a sincere way gains the attention of your audience and builds trust between you and your audience. Over time, this trust can lead to a relationship where you are in the place of authority in your industry conversation.

Powerful content is creative. Remember this lesson from the TV show Girls: magic happens outside of your comfort zone.

When creating content, always strive to challenge your original thoughts and make magic happen. Step out of your comfort zone and take a risk!

Spend more time with your ideas—see what happens when you spend five minutes with a concept instead of one minute.

Think about other ways your content could be presented—would it work well with a photograph and less text, should you reverse your sentence order, is there a relevant cultural happening to which you could relate your content?

Adjust your mindset—think about your content from a different point of view. How would someone older, younger, from a different part of the city/state/country/world think about your content, are your references too dated or too obscure?

By using sincerity and creativity, you can cook up powerful content that stands out in the oversaturated social media landscape. Bon appetit!

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