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Drones in Technology - an Overview: Robotics & Automation

March 14, 2024Eleanor Morgan

Here is a snapshot from our Narrative Intelligence brief.


This Drones narrative is driven by 86 sources in the European Media module, amplifying 2,118 narrative items.


Today, our Narrative AI highlights multiple incidents involving the interception and destruction of UAVs in different regions, including Crimea, Yemen, Ukraine, and Russia. Various military forces, such as US, Ukrainian, and Russian, are involved in the defense and interception of these unmanned aerial vehicles.

Main Themes

  • Houthi threats to UK commercial vessels
  • Symbolic Stand Against Russian Invasion
  • Drones in Ukraine
  • Drone attacks in Ukraine and Russia
  • Shelling in Kherson
  • Sea rescue operation

Rolling Updates

Our Kudzu Narrative Intelligence brief auto-updates every few hours with fresh analysis:

Note: Kudzu Narrative Intelligence briefs update every few hours. Very likely, the Narrative Analysis above will have changed as well.

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