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Drone Attack on Kremlin

May 4, 2023EdgeTheory

Drone Attack on Kremlin

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Russia has claimed the foiling of a drone assassination attempt on President Vladimir Putin. The incident has led to a heated exchange between Russia and Ukraine, with both countries denying any involvement. Russia accused Ukraine of carrying out a "terrorist" attack on the Kremlin and reserves the right to retaliate, while Ukraine said Moscow could use it for further escalation of the war. The alleged drone attack on the Kremlin targeted President Putin, but he was not in the building at the time, and his schedule remained unchanged.

Key Insights

The incident has also resulted in a ban on using drones in the Russian capital, with an exception for drones launched by authorities. The Pentagon is investigating the alleged attacks, according to a U.S. official. Unverified videos circulating on social media depicting a drone exploding over the dome of the Kremlin, raising questions about the authenticity of the incident. However, the Kremlin has maintained its version of events, saying that Putin was safe, and the drones were disabled before they could strike. The text highlights the tension between Russia and Ukraine, and the possibility of further escalation of the conflict.

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