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Donald Trump Arraignment

April 7, 2023Bailey Flanders

Donald Trump is Arraigned in New York City

On Tuesday, former President Trump sat in court as he was read the list of total charges he would be facing over the coming months. On all 34 felony counts, Donald Trump pleaded not guilty. The charges stem from New York DA Alvin Bragg who alleges that the former President used 2016 campaign money to pay off adult film star, Stormy Daniels. Stormy Daniels claims that she had an affair in 2006 with Donald Trump and in 2016 she was paid 130,000 to sign an NDA stating she would not go forward with the story.

This event has dominated U.S. media over the past week, and in this Kudzu narrative brief, we are taking a deep dive into what the news has looked like on this topic over the last 3 days. 

Key Insights:

  • The “Donald Trump Arraignment” narrative has seen 6,785 unique narratives in the last 72 hours. 596 individual sources have been published on this topic in that timeframe. 
  • Left-Center” and “Left” bias have dominated this topic and both outnumber right-leaning bias outlets, on their own. The left-center bias is our biggest section with over 1700 sources pushing this narrative.
  • The term “Trump Tower” has 6,066 mentions, which most likely is in reference to the protests from both sides of the political aisle that were held outside of the building on Tuesday. 
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