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Carroll Verdict: Trump Not Liable For Rape, But Must Pay $5 Million For Sexual Abuse & Defamation

May 9, 2023Simon Moss


In the Trump & E. Jean Carroll trial verdict, Donald Trump has been found liable for sexual abuse and defamation, with the jury awarding the accuser $5 million in damages. The trial centered around Carroll's allegations that Trump raped her in the 1990s, and the subsequent defamation lawsuit. Trump has denied the claims and has not appeared in court during the trial.

Rolling Updates

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The verdict in the trial could have significant implications for Trump as he campaigns to regain the White House. It highlights the issue of holding a former president accountable for alleged misconduct, and raises questions about the treatment of sexual assault cases and the power dynamics involved.

Competing Narratives

  1. Trump Denial: Trump continues to deny the rape allegations and has referred to the verdict as a disgrace.
  2. Jury Deliberations: The verdict was announced on the first day of jury deliberations, showcasing the quick decision-making process in this high-profile case.
  3. Criminal Investigations: Trump is facing additional criminal investigations, which adds to the legal challenges of this civil trial.

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Left-leaning sources have heavily amplified this narrative, accounting for the majority of coverage

Top Keywords

Phrases related to rape allegations, defamation lawsuit, jury deliberations, and criminal investigations are among the top keywords associated with this trial.

Most Amplified Outlets

Most active left-leaning outlets on the story include The Hill, Raw Story, and CNN, while top right-leaning outlets include The Washington Times and Washington Examiner.

Sources by Bias

Left-leaning outlets published more than three times as many articles than right-leaning sources.

Distribution by bias levels of sources amplifying the Trump verdict in E. Jean Carroll case

Sources by State

  • New York and California-based outlets have reported significantly on the trial, followed by outlets from Nebraska, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

Credit: Article Header Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

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