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7 Day Roundup: Fintech Sector

August 28, 2023Bailey Flanders

Top Narrative

In fintech this week our most prominent topic was Goldman Sachs' acquisition of United Capital was a strategic move by CEO David Solomon to broaden the bank's reach. This acquisition instantly connected Goldman Sachs with approximately 22,000 clients who had over $1 million each with the platform. This is a significant departure from Goldman's typical clientele, who entrust much larger sums of money to the bank.

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Headline Issues

1. Broadening Client Base with United Capital Acquisition

Goldman Sachs' acquisition of United Capital allowed the bank to expand its client base and reach a new demographic of clients.

  • The acquisition of United Capital provided Goldman Sachs with instant access to approximately 22,000 clients.
  • These clients had a minimum of $1 million each with the United Capital platform.
  • This acquisition allowed Goldman Sachs to connect with clients who have smaller investment amounts compared to their typical high-net-worth clients.

2. Potential for Checkout-Free Retail with SoftPOS Technology

JPMorgan Chase's adoption of Apple's Tap to Pay technology and testing SoftPOS technology with other merchants could pave the way for checkout-free retail.

  • JPMorgan Chase has added Apple's Tap to Pay technology at Sephora and is currently testing the technology with other merchants.
  • SoftPOS technology is seen as a stepping stone towards achieving checkout-free retail.
  • Companies like Amazon Go already use cameras and sensors to track customer movements and charge their digital wallets, creating a seamless checkout experience.

3. Concerns Over Reporting of Crypto Trading Platforms

The U.S. Treasury expressed concerns about treating different types of trading platforms differently, as it may lead to crypto firms changing their operations to avoid reporting.

  • The agency worries that if it distinguishes between platforms, crypto firms may alter their operations to avoid reporting.
  • Last year, the U.S. Treasury replaced "virtual currency" with "digital assets" on its income tax forms, reflecting the evolving nature of the crypto industry.

Insights on Top Surfaced Keywords

In our analysis of the top surfaced keywords, we have identified several keywords that appear more frequently than others. Here are some insights and explanations on why these keywords are prominent and how they relate to the competing narratives:

  1. Financial Institutions: This keyword appears 9 times, indicating its significance in the discourse. It relates to the competing narratives as it represents the core entities in the banking industry and financial services sector.
  2. Federal Reserve: The keyword "federal reserve" is mentioned 7 times, indicating its significance in the discussions. It relates to the competing narratives as it represents the central bank of the United States and its role in regulating the banking industry and managing monetary policy.
  3. Generative AI: With 7 appearances, "generative AI" indicates the growing influence of artificial intelligence in the financial industry. It signifies the advancements in technology and its potential to transform various aspects of financial institutions' operations.
  4. Community Bank: This keyword surfaces 7 times and highlights the importance of local and community-oriented banking institutions. It relates to the narrative of smaller banks that cater to the needs of specific communities and foster personal relationships with their customers.
  5. Silicon Valley: With 6 appearances, "Silicon Valley" signifies the influence of technology and innovation in the financial industry. It relates to the narrative of the industry's adoption of digital solutions and the presence of tech companies in the financial sector.
  6. Real Estate: The keyword "real estate" appears 6 times, indicating its relevance to the discussions. It relates to the narrative of financial institutions' involvement in real estate transactions, such as mortgage lending and property investments.
  7. Wealth Management: With 6 appearances, "wealth management" highlights the focus on serving high-net-worth individuals and providing personalized financial solutions. It aligns with the narrative of financial institutions catering to different customer segments.
Fintech Roundup 1 amplification distribution by keyword-dynamics

Fintech KeyWord Dynamics

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