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Unparalleled insight into the design and deployment of malign influence campaigns, from major themes down to trends in individual words and phrases.

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EdgeTheory's big-data monitoring allows the tracking of large numbers of sources across multiple platforms, all in one place.







Keyword and Theme Surfacing

Trace the evolution of a narrative, from initial deployment to its use dividing societies and threatening governments.
Monitor large numbers of sources
Surface trending keywords
Identify thematic clusters
Visualize time-based amplification patterns
Uncover previously-undetected coordination

Standardized Data Collection at Scale

Monitor large numbers of sources across wide ranges of platforms, all in one place with 100% anonymous attribution. 

Multi-platform ingestion, standardization, and analysis of data have delivered a proven 24X time savings for analysts.

Streamlined Data Processing and Analysis

Our technology provides AI-powered theme clustering, neural-network generated narrative summaries, narrative amplification detection, amplification network monitoring, and keyword trend analysis.

Extensive data export capabilities and detailed data visualizations make it easy to integrate into existing workflows and products. For a completely seamless experience, integrate directly with our API.

Consumable Briefs for Non-Analysts

Dynamic Narrative Briefs, updated hourly by our neural network, that can be created in moments and distributed for viewing by non-analysts or anyone else along the chain of command. 

Briefs feature AI-generated context and insights, which can be augmented or replaced by human-generated summaries and commentary.

Ensure an effective and efficient OSINT process

EdgeTheory uses big-data monitoring and storage, paired with AI, ML, and NLP to parse narratives into linguistic and thematic components, giving users unparalleled insight into the ways adversaries design and deploy malign influence campaigns, from major themes down to trends in individual words and phrases.

From there, EdgeTheory provides detailed data visualizations of the evolution of narratives distributed over time and volume. Our AI and ML uncover the origin, trajectory, and influencers of a narrative, and give users powerful predictive narrative analytics.

AI-Powered Narrative Intelligence

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