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DevOps Engineer


  • Stand up, monitor, patch and enhance infrastructure systems
  • Manage existing servers and systems
  • Administer MySQL databases – including backups, updates, upgrades, and performance tuning
  • Diagnose and solve system outages and slowdowns
  • Configure systems and tools to automate manual tasks through scripting and scheduling
  • Make use of command scripting and scheduling to reduce errors



  • 3+ Years of systems engineering experience with Linux (Ubuntu preferred) and associated technologies (Apache, Nginx, Systemd, Unicorn, Puma, etc)
  • 3+ years administering MySQL databases
  • 1+ years AWS experience
  • Experience with linux configuration / deployment using Ansible (or similar tools)
  • Ability to write system scripts in Python, Bash, or similar scripting languages
  • Good understanding of IP Networking (TCP/IP, DNS, HTTP, SSL/TLS, IPv6 etc)
  • Experience configuring LDAP
  • Experience with Git and CI/CD tools (Jenkins, GitHub, etc) preferred
  • Would be a bonus to have experience in: Ruby, Node, AngularJS
If interested in applying, please send a message or email your resume to jobs@edgetheory.com
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