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EdgeTheory: A Conversation Media Company

May 16, 2015EdgeTheory

Like social media itself, evolution is a constant component of EdgeTheory’s success. We are building smooth avenues for both people and businesses to build their presence online by sharing their voice and narrative. Our proprietary find engine technology — the way we map, create, publish, and  measure the relevant intersecting conversations pre-customers have every day around lifestyle, geography and language – finds your conversations and influences those not looking for you. While we define ourselves as a “marketing automation solutions company,” we are intent on delivering conversation share because we center our strategy around conversation media.

Conversation Media and Conversation Share

What do these buzzwords actually mean? Below, we explain exactly that, as well as the benefit it offers businesses.


Conversation media means owning conversation, influencing people and pre-customers (those potential customers not yet looking for you), and finding intersections between your conversation and potential clients. Conversation media is how we position ourselves as a company, but conversation share is what we are selling.


Conversation share is not a voice, handle, specific tweets, or even engagement, it IS your piece of the social media-sphere that enables growth your outreach and input. Conversation share IS the measure of how much of the conversation of which you’re a part. How is conversation share accomplished? By finding relevant, intersecting conversations happening around your narrative and ingraining your voice into the heads of potential customers.

The result and value of conversation share is the inevitability that it will lead to mind-share (amongst customers and pre-customers, alike), and market-share. For us at EdgeTheory, conversation share becomes two products — EdgeTheory Persona and EdgeTheory Soundboard.


Focusing on new social voices, the ET Persona product designs and executes a precision messaging strategy that uses custom, dedicated voices created especially for clients. The Persona product increases conversation share, and monitors keywords, trends, as well as human and search-engine discoveries.


Focusing on existing social voices, the ET Soundboard product amplifies, unifies, and multiplies a business’s message using the voices (depending on your industry) of fans, employees, donors, customers, supporters, and sales force; also, the capability to adjust the volume, tone, and frequency of messaging for maximum impact.

We are a conversation media company, and we sell conversation share. Who wouldn’t want to own their own conversation? 

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